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Understanding the Digital Competence Framework

Here you can find further information on what "being digitally competent" means.

Austria has developed its own competence model for digital skills. It is called "Digital Competence Framework for Austria - DigComp 2.2 AT" and is based on the European Reference Framework for Digital Competences (DigComp 2.1). The Competence Framework serves to classify and compare digital skills and thereby makes a contribution to facilitate the exchange on desirable knowledge and competences in the digital world of life and work.

The Digital Competence Framework for Austria defines digital competences in six areas and eight competence levels. Within these areas of competence, 25 individual competences (PDF) are classified.

Accordingly, digital skills are categorised into the following six areas:

The Digital Competence Framework describes the development and manifestation of these competences on eight levels:

  • Foundation (level 1 and 2)
  • Intermediate (levels 3 and 4)
  • Advanced (level 5 and 6)
  • Highly specialized (levels 7 and 8)

The following poster gives a brief and concise overview on which practical activities the areas of competence comprise. The following content is currently only available in German:

Cheat Sheet Seite 1Poster Dig Comp 2.2 AT as a Poster (pdf) (as of April 2019)

Poster DigComp 2.2 AT separate A4 Pages (pdf) (as of April 2019)


Further reading: Details and background information on the DigComp 2.2 AT (pdf) (as of July 2021)