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Understanding the Digital Competence Framework

Here you can find further information on what "being digitally competent" means.

Austria has developed its own competence framework for digital skills. It is called "Digital Competence Framework for Austria - DigComp AT" and is based on the European Reference Framework for Digital Competences (DigComp 2.1).

The Competence Framework serves to classify and compare digital skills. This enables us to agree on the knowledge and skills needed for the digital world of work and everyday life:

The current model: DigComp 2.3 AT

Since the end of 2022, the DigComp 2.3 AT version of the Digital Competence Framework is available for Austria. This version is the basis for all referenced courses and news or learning modules as of April 2023.

The following requirements were integrated into this latest version of the competence framework: conscious engagement with digitality, skills for legally compliant digital publication and sustainable use of resources in IT operations.

Accordingly, the model now describes 27 individual competences (pdf) in the following six competence areas:

The eight competence levels were also differentiated more precisely with the DigComp 2.3 AT version:

  1. Elementary FOUNDATION
  5. Comprehensively ADVANCED
  6. In-depth ADVANCED
  7. Strategically HIGHLY SPECIALISED
  8. Innovatively HIGHLY SPECIALISED

For a more in-depth understanding of the levels of competence, a guide to understandig the levels is available.

Read more about the background of version 2.3 AT in this comprehensive report (a barrier-free accessible version of the report is in progress).

The presvious version: DigComp 2.2 AT

The Digital Competence Framework for Austria already defined digital competences in version 2.2. in six areas and eight competence levels. Within these areas of competence, the version DigComp2.2 AT provides 25 individual competences (PDF). This version is the basis for all referenced courses and news or learning modules until March 2023.

The eight competence levels were titled as follows in DigComp 2.2. AT:

  • Foundation (level 1 and 2)
  • Intermediate (levels 3 and 4)
  • Advanced (level 5 and 6)
  • Highly specialised (levels 7 and 8)

Further reading: Details and background information on the DigComp 2.2 AT (pdf) (as of July 2021)

The following "cheat sheet" gives a brief and concise overview on the areas of competence. The following content is currently only available in German:

Cheat Sheet Seite 1Cheat sheet Dig Comp 2.2 AT as a Poster (pdf) (as of April 2019)

Cheat sheet DigComp 2.2 AT separate A4 Pages (pdf) (as of April 2019)