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Digital WorldsDigital world: Everyday LifeDigital world: Professional lifeChapter 1: Get to know your smartphone!Chapter 2: The smartphone as a personal organiserChapter 3: Using Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection to access the InternetChapter 4: Finding and evaluating information on the InternetChapter 5: Customising smartphone settingsChapter 6: How to install apps from the Internet by yourself Chapter 7: Using messaging services like WhatsApp Chapter 8: Managing banking matters by using your smartphoneChapter 9: The smartphone as a navigation aid – travelling by public transportChapter 10: Important technical basics - short and compactChapter 11: Self-organisation with calendar and alarmSusanne T., Assistant of the Board - I am digital, from the office to the tennis court…Competence FrameworkInfo ModulesUnderstanding the Digital Competence Framework Focus ModulesFocus Module: Working together onlineFocus Module: The power of A.I.CheckingPrivacy StatementCheck your digital competencesEveryday LifeThe workplaceSafetyArtificial IntelligenceLearningHow to register educational offers in our fit4internet catalogue Keep going
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