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Task Force Digital Competences

Austrian Interdisciplinary Task Force for Digital Competences

The Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs has established the Austrian Interdisciplinary Task Force that functions as an advisory board for digital competences. Its recommendations are publicly available to all stakeholders in politics, economy and science. fit4internet was entrusted with the task force’s establishment and chairmanship. Its permanent members were invited by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs on proposal of the General Secretariat of fit4internet and work free of charge. They come from the fields of adult education, science, research as well as economy, and were chosen due to their professional expertise, interdisciplinarity, independence and non-partisanship.

Full size illustration of the task force’s kick-off meeting (in German only)

See the task force’s mandate by the Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (pdf in German only).

Objectives, activities and projects of the task force:

  • Acceptance: The Digital Competence Framework for Austria should become and remain a wildly and comprehensively established working base for the development and enhancement of digital literacy among all Austrian citizens.
  • Updating: The Digital Competence Framework for Austria and the application scenarios derived from this model are continuously updated. If necessary, they are further expanded by the task force in order to keep pace with the dynamics of digitalisation, its opportunities and challenges.
  • Networking: The task force and its members should ensure a broad and intense exchange and network of initiatives, measures, best practices and new ideas.
  • Quality Management: By cooperating and participating in projects, the members of the task force ensure the quality and coherence of these measures. The projects include funding programmes, research projects, working groups as well as measures in referencing, evaluation and certification processes.

Find further information on the task force and its members on the website of the Federal Ministry for Finance (in German only).