Digital WorldsGet to know your smartphone!The smartphone as a personal organiserUsing Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection ot access the InternetFinding and evaluating information on the InternetCustomising smartphone settingsHow to install apps from the Internet by yourself Using messaging services like WhatsappManaging banking matters by using your smartphoneThe smartphone as a navigation aid - travelling by public transportImportant technical basics - short and compactSusanne T., Assistant of the Board - I am digital, from the office to the tennis court…Competence Framework25 individual competences (PDF)Poster Dig Comp 2.2 AT as a Poster (pdf) (as of April 2019)Poster DigComp 2.2 AT separate A4 Pages (pdf) (as of April 2019)Details and background information on the DigComp 2.2 AT (pdf) (as of June 2018)Info Modulesdownload the content of the module "Buying a smartphone" as a pdfdownload the content of the module "Using the Internet for travelling" as a pdfdownload the content of the module "DIY project" as a pdfdownload the content of the module "The world of work is waiting" as a pdfdownload the content of the module "Stumbling blocks on the Internet" as a pdfdownload the content of the module "The employee tax assessment has to be performed" as a pdfFurther information on the Digital Competence Framework for AustriaFocus ModulesDigital Competence Framework for Austria - DigComp 2.2 AT"Checking""Learning"Checkingour privacy policymore information on the f4i-toolsLearningfurther information on the registration process hereKeep going
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