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How to register educational offers in our fit4internet catalogue

What does referencing mean?

A provider check as well as a seminar check are required in order to register courses in our f4i-catalogue. These checks should ensure basic quality standards. Both checks are voluntary self-declarations, from which no legal claim can be derived.

Please note that courses can only be registered in our f4i-catalogue when aimed at persons aged at least 16 years (this usually corresponds to the fulfilment of general compulsory schooling).

In doing so, you assign your educational offering to the Digital Competence Framework for Austria (DigComp AT). The DigComp AT version 2.2. will be used until March 2023 and version 2.3 since April 2023. This means that the learning objectives of the offer are assigned to the six competence areas and eight levels of competence of the DigComp AT. This categorisation (or "referencing") indicates the minimum level of competences or learning objectives that can be achieved in your course. Based on this referencing, people who have used a f4i-tool to evaluate digital competences can find individually suitable courses.

The provider check needs to be submitted only once per provider; the seminar check, however, needs be done for each course offer. Offers can be re-activated and re-entered in the f4i-catalogue, if the timeline has been exceeded.

How do the provider and seminar check work?

To initiate the process for the categorisation of your course offer, please send an e-mail to:

Next, you receive a link directing you to the online form for the provider check. You are asked to answer questions about your institution and your course offer.
Smaller providers, self-employed trainers as well as bigger educational institutions can register as course providers by taking the provider check. A valid quality certification such as an Ö-Cert facilitates and reduces the registration process.

How do you prepare for the provider check?

What are the formal requirements for files and links?

Provider check for self-employed trainers (in German only)

Provider check for institutions with several employees (in German only)

After a successful registration, you can continue with the seminar check. You are requested to provide details on your educational offer and categorise your course according to the Digital Competence Framework for Austria (specification of competence areas and competence levels). In addition, you are asked to define the minimum level of skills or learning objectives, which can be achieved in your course. Of course, it is also possible to register several training courses at once.

By using the same wording of your courses on your website as well as in our f4i-catalogue, you can increase the recognisability of your course offers.

How do you prepare for the seminar check?

What else needs to be considered when filling in the form?

Seminar check (in German only) (Video tutorial using the DigComp 2.2. AT as an example)

What happens next? (Verification and publication)

Your provided information is reviewed and verified by us. This may take a few days. As soon as your provider check and the categorisation of your course according to the Competence Framework for Austria are confirmed, your course description will be uploaded in the f4i-catalogue. By including a link to your website, interested users can check your website for further information and booking options.

What are the advantages?

If you offer courses, seminars or workshops on digital literacy, your public engagement can profit from enlisting in the f4i-catalogue. Our f4i-catalogue is aimed to inform interested people about further education options in the field of digital literacy and further, to make these offers widely accessible.

By registering your offers in the f4i-catalogue, you can reach new target groups and make your offers more visible. The registration process (provider check, seminar check) is free of charge.

Who ensures the quality?

Quality is ensured by the DigComp Monitoring Board, which was established as part of the Austrian Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and has been assigned to the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) since the Federal Ministry Act in July 2022.
The Monitoring Board reviews learning offers as well as the categorisation of courses by course providers. On that basis, they decide on the referencing to the Digital Competence Framework for Austria. With regard to the referencing process, the Monitoring Board is advised by experts, who are specialised in adult education.

Any further questions?

Please contact us via

Background information on the Digital Competence Framework for Austria can be found in the section Understanding - Competence Framework.