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fit4internet in Austria – Raising Digital Competences 

How does it work?

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fit4internet itself does not offer any further education!

fit4internet - #digitallyfit towards future

fit4internet has dedicated itself to standardisation, evaluation and certification of digital skills. On this platform, you can familiarise yourself with the Digital Competence Framework for Austria - DigComp AT, determine your own level of digital skills and stay well informed. You can also find information on members or partners who support activities to increase digital literacy in Austria.
Peter Oswald
"Bringing people and digitalisation together helps to increase the competitiveness of Austria as a business location. This applies equally to its economy and society. Here is why I personally support the fit4internet initiative: the joined forces of economy, politics and society increase the digital literacy of the population. This initiative makes Austria one of the leading countries in Europe."

Peter Oswald, CEO Mayr-Melnhof Karton AG
Honorary member fit4internet
Sabine Herlitschka
"Strengthening digital skills is essential. In the global digitalisation race, appropriate skills are necessary to be at the forefront and to help shaping the future. Therefore, education is a central key to our future viability. Infineon is a company that makes the digital transformation possible with its products. It is currently building a massive number of skilled employees with 860 additional jobs in the area of research and development in Austria alone."

Sabine Herlitschka, Infineon
Vice President
Margarete Schramböck
"We have never been at such a rapid pace of progress as now. Technologies that we use and that accompany us in various ways outdate each other almost by the hour. At the same time, the tools we use to communicate are also constantly developing. Our society has arrived in the digital age a long time ago. But is really everyone actively participating? Not at all! This is exactly where we must take action immediately. An EU comparison ranks Austria in eighth position in terms of citizens’ digital skills. Our country is affected by a lasting shortage of professionals in the field of information and communication technology. It is about time to push ahead digitalisation! Seniors, employees and teenagers are supported by a demand-oriented education in order to safely use the internet and all sorts of mobile communication tools and – not least – be successful in the job market. "

Margarete Schramböck, Patron and
Initiator fit4internet
Ulrike Domany-Funtan
"Digitalisation is changing the world in which we live and work. In order to be able to deal with these changes in a self-determined manner, digital skills are required. Every Austrian should have the necessary level of competence to master digital situations in everyday life - appropriate to their own needs and requirements, both privately and professionally and regardless of age, educational background or origin."

Ulrike Domany-Funtan, fit4internet
Secretary General
Reinhard Gojer
"Digitalisation connects people at eye level and opens new perspectives for individuals and the economy. In order to seize these opportunities, new skills and qualifications are necessary. DONAU ensures that all employees are ready and fit for digitalisation. Customer-oriented, personal advice is digitally supported; digital service communication and e-learning strengthen our employees. We support and use the initiative of the federal government and want to make our contribution to ensure that everyone can benefit. "

Reinhard Gojer, DONAU Versicherung AG Vienna Insurance Group
f4i Advisory Board Chairman
Markus Schaffhauser
"Hardly any other topic is currently more important than digitization. It is precisely this change that offers a multitude of new opportunities and possibilities. New technologies can create a more sustainable world, ensure secure access to data, and break new ground with innovative approaches such as quantum computing. By leveraging and expanding data and technology, we are shaping a better future. Digital skills are of essential importance at work and are becoming increasingly important for almost all areas of life. Knowledge and competence are important factors to prevent misinformation and reduce fear of the use and impact of new technologies. "

Markus Schaffhauser, CEO Eviden Austria GmbH
President fit4internet