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Chapter 4: Finding and evaluating information on the Internet

In the fourth chapter, you will learn how to search for information on the Internet and get an overview of where the information found comes from. Moreover, basic terms relating to the Internet are explained in an easily understandable manner: World Wide Web, domain, e-mail address, browser, search engine.

The application examples in the videos use the smartphone operating system that is most common. Moreover, smartphones with a user interface especially designed for senior citizens are presented. The video also include references to differences in other brands or models as examples.

What is the Internet and what do the terms "www", "domain", "browser" and "search engine" mean?

This first video offers simplified explanations for the Internet and the terms "World Wide Web", "domain", "e-mail address", "web browser" and "search service". (The video is only available in German.)


How do I search for information on the Internet?

This short video features step-by-step instructions and explains how to find information on the Internet by using the browser app. (The video is only available in German.)


How can I assess search results?

This video is concerned with search results, their order and their components. You will receive important information for critically reading and evaluating search results. Moreover, an alternative search engine app is presented to you. (The video is only available in German.)