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7 steps to your f4i portal solution

  1. Get in touch
    • Via contact form
    • No financial or other commitments are made at this point
    • Contact details are saved only for the purpose of preparing and processing a possible cooperation

  2. We introduce the portal solution to you - without commitment
    • Get in touch with your contact person
    • Arrange an appointment for more info
    • Presentation of key contents and functions of the f4i portal, e.g.
      • selection of f4i-tools
      • code options
      • period of validity for the portal access
      • self-management of promotional activities
      • evaluation options
    • Presentation of pricing models and commercial conditions

  3. Together, we define your contractual framework
    • Contract design with specification of
      • the duration, selection of f4i-tools, number of detailed skills profiles, evaluation options etc.
      • contact person (portal administration or portal user)
      • further details
    • Onboarding appointment/online instructions on how to use the portal

  4. You conclude a contract with us
    • Signature and countersignature

  5. We set up your user account
    • fit4internet creates a client account, which contains the following:
      • individual promo URL (
      • duration of portal use/time frame
      • individual intro text for the selected f4i-tool (adaptable by the portal user also at a later stage)
      • logos/images for f4i-tools and the skills profile
      • release of the user account to the portal user

  6. You use your fit4internet portal access
    • Portal user receives individual access data
    • Start by selecting the f4i-tools, the time frame and the codes
    • Distribution of the promotional URL to the desired target group
    • Crosschecking redeemed codes (i.e. information on redeemed or available codes)
    • Promo/ticket codes per promotion (depending on the desired time frame)

      Find an overview of all code options here.

      The following applies to all code options:
      Individual results are only available to the participant in the form of a short or detailed version of their skills profile.
      Cumulative group evaluations are only possible for a minimum of ten people. The results are transmitted to the portal user.

  7. We create your evaluations for you
    • Portal user gets in touch with fit4internet for the preparation of a group evaluation (depending on the duration of the competency assessment, target group size etc.)
    • Transmission of the standard evaluation for digital competence areas per promotion
    • Optional: specific partial evaluation (part of the agreement)