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Markus Schaffhauser

Zur Homepage von Eviden Austria GmbH


Hardly any other topic is currently more important than digitization. It is precisely this change that offers a multitude of new opportunities and possibilities. New technologies can create a more sustainable world, ensure secure access to data, and break new ground with innovative approaches such as quantum computing. By leveraging and expanding data and technology, we are shaping a better future. Digital skills are of essential importance at work and are becoming increasingly important for almost all areas of life. Knowledge and competence are important factors to prevent misinformation and reduce fear of the use and impact of new technologies. 

As Eviden, we are the European technology leader in the areas of digital transformation, big data, cloud and cybersecurity and are active in almost 50 countries worldwide. In Austria, Eviden serves around 500 customers and supports companies and the public sector in their digital transformation. Initiatives such as "fit4internet" impressively demonstrate the possibilities of digitization and contribute to a better understanding among a broad audience. As CEO of Eviden Austria, I am pleased to support this initiative.