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Check your digital competences

The f4i-tools CHECK and QUIZ give you the opportunity to assess your digital competences by using self-assessment questions (CHECK) and knowledge-based questions (QUIZ). Your current level of competence is measured and classified according to the Digital Competence Framework for Austria - DigComp AT. The DigComp AT version 2.2. will be used until March 2023 and version 2.3 from April 2023.

There are two varieties of CHECKs. Both versions are similar in terms of their level of "difficulty", however, they differ in the phrasing and contents of the questions:

  • select the light version of the CHECK, if the subject “digital competences” is rather new to you and you wish to improve your competences step by step.
  • select the advanced version of the CHECK, if you already have basic or intermediate digital skills. This prior knowledge will enable you to understand and interpret the given answer options.

There are also different versions of QUIZzes. You can choose between the following:

  • select version A for a current assessment of your digital skills by means of basic knowledge-based questions (up to and including competence level 3)
  • select version B for a current assessment of your digital skills by means of intermediate knowledge-based questions (up to and including competence level 4)
  • select version C for a current assessment of your digital skills by means of advanced knowledge-based questions (up to and including competence level 5)
  • select version ABC for a comprehensive assessment of your current skill level by means of questions encompassing all three (basic, intermediate and advanced) levels (up to and including competence level 5)

With regard to the self-assessment and knowledge-based questions, you are typically guided through various everyday life or job-related situations. There is no time limit for answering the questions and no registration necessary on the website. You can use the f4i-tools as often as you like.

Your results are summarised in a so-called skills profile. You can download the short version of your skills profile as a PDF file free of charge. For each competence area or individual competences that are measured by the f4i-tools, your results are made available to you in the form of percentages. These numbers are calculated automatically based on your given answers and can be seen as an indication of your competence level in the respective area. You can find further information on the calculation of the percentages in the document "How the percentages are calculated". The skills profiles generated by the system as PDF are not fully compatible with WCAG 2.1 AA, however, the short version’s content is also available in HTML.

If you wish to obtain a more detailed evaluation of your results, you can order a detailed version of your skills profile as a PDF file. This will give you broader insights into individual aspects of your results (e.g. an evaluation of single questions). Ordering a detailed skills profile requires a so-called “Handy Signatur” (mobile phone signature). The costs for a detailed report are EUR 5.50 including 10% VAT and are collected by fit4internet. You can pay by credit or debit card (VISA and MasterCard). Your data entered for the purpose of processing your request is merely disclosed to the mobile phone signature provider/eID and the payment service providers and never stored on the fit4internet platform. eps-transfer is available as an additional option besides credit card payment. If you select this payment method, your name, account number and if provided, your address are transmitted to fit4internet. Payment via eps transfer requires the processing of personal data for accounting purposes as well as the storing of this information in accordance with the legal requirements of the BAO. If the processing of this data is not desired, the payment option “credit card” should be selected; we do not use any personal data in this case.

By means of the f4i-tools, the media owners provide an evaluation of your digital competences based on your self-assessment or the answers given to knowledge-based questions. The media owners cannot be held liable for any conclusions and/or consequences drawn from the respective CHECK/QUIZ results and skills profiles. In particular, there is no certification included unless explicitly agreed otherwise.

Typically, the data disclosed when using f4i-tools involves non-personal statistical information. The media owners and service providers use this data and the anonymised results gathered from the f4i-tools for further development and improvement of f4i-tools and website contents. In principle, these data are used for general statistics on the distribution of competences related to digital knowledge; such as evaluations for the purpose of planning information and education initiatives or adapting digitalisation strategies, statistical comparisons, studies and publications.

Thus, the media owners are considered the owners of this data and may share them at their own discretion for the above-mentioned purposes with affiliated partners (e.g. fit4internet GmbH Project Management and Certifications, FBNr. 511869z), for projects with service providers to increase digital skills and for the cooperation with federal ministries and other public and scientific institutions.

Click here to find additional information on data collection and processing in our privacy policies.