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Chapter 6: How to install apps from the Internet by yourself

In the sixth chapter, you will learn how to install apps on your smartphone and what you need to consider when doing so.

The application examples in the videos use the smartphone operating system that is most common. Moreover, smartphones with a user interface especially designed for senior citizens are presented. The videos also include references to differences in other brands or models as examples.

Where can I find apps? And what is the operating system?

The first video briefly introduces the two largest virtual app marketplaces. You will also learn what an operating system and a user account is. (The video is only available in German.)


What is a Google account?

The second video uses a Google account to explain what a user account is and what you need it for. (The video is only available in German.)


How can I install an app?

The third video gives examples and explains how to search for, install, use and delete an app. (The video is only available in German.)


How is the “Stop Corona” app installed? And what is Bluetooth?

The fourth video illustrates how to install the “Stop Corona” app and explains how to activate Bluetooth on your smartphone. (The video is only available in German.)