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Chapter 11: Self-organisation with calendar and alarm

The eleventh chapter focuses on two functions that support self-organisation: the calendar for appointment management and the alarm.

The application examples in the videos use the smartphone operating system that is most common. Moreover, smartphones with a user interface especially designed for senior citizens are presented. The videos also include references to differences in other brands or models as examples.

How do I enter an appointment? How will I be reminded of it?

The first video shows how you enter an appointment and create a reminder. (The video is only available in German.)


How do I enter a series of appointments?

In the second video, you will learn how to enter and save recurring appointments (e.g. birthdays or appointments for a weekly class). (The video is only available in German.)


How do I set up the alarm on the smartphone?

The third video explains how you can set up the alarm clock application on the smartphone. (The video is only available in German.)