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How to prepare for the seminar check

Before taking the seminar check, have a look at the Digital Competence Framework for Austria (DigComp 2.2 AT). In a first step, you should assign competence areas to your educational offer. A fact sheet (short overview, only available in German) is provided to get a better understanding of the competence areas. In a second step, you should assign the selected competence areas to the appropriate proficiency levels.

Here you can find a guideline with an explanation of the competence levels, additional required documents and requirements for pictures.

  • Please note that saving the document during the editing process is only possible if all mandatory fields are filled in. Before finally submitting the check, you can make changes to the saved version.
  • After being inactive in the system for 15 minutes, you will be logged out automatically for security reasons.
  • Use Chrome or Firefox as your browser; other browsers may cause problems under certain circumstances.

How to assign competence levels to educational offers

  • Level 1 indicates that I begin to understand something. With guidance, I may be able to complete simple tasks.
  • Level 2 means that I am already able to solve simple tasks on my own, however, I occasionally need support.
  • Level 3 indicates that I can complete several tasks on my own, provided no problems occur.
  • Level 4 means that I can use the applications independently and without errors after receiving appropriate training.
  • Level 5 indicates that I have more in-depth expertise that is accompanied by greater responsibility (such as team leadership). I can pass on my knowledge to others.
  • Level 6 encompasses comprehensive knowledge in the respective competence area, This is necessary, for instance, for finding the best possible existing solution to a complex task (or consulting situation).
  • Level 7 indicates that I have competences that enable me to create new solutions (for example in managing a development project). Such solutions also prove to be important beyond the given task (e.g. for the professional community).
  • Level 8 involves expertise and competences at the highest level. These are required for the development of new, innovative, sustainable, efficient and relevant solutions to complex tasks (e.g. for the professional community or domain).

Which documents are required?

  • A course picture and a provider logo. These images are shown the f4i-catalogue.
  • Please make sure to indicate the source of the images. The source as well as the author (photographer) need to be indicated. If the image has been edited, do not forget to mention the editor. Please have a look at the following example: "Source:, Mila Sample (edited by fit4internet)"

Which format should images have?

The images should be uploaded in the following sizes:

Course picture

  • Recommended resolution in pixels: 2000x1400
  • Recommended image size: 4MB
  • Max. resolution in pixels: 3800x2000
  • Max. image size: 6 MB
  • Allowed file formats: png, jpg, jpeg

Provider logo

  • Recommended resolution in pixels: 200x200
  • Recommended image size 40 KB
  • Max. resolution in pixels: 3800x2000
  • Max. image size: 6 MB
  • Allowed file formats: png, jpg, jpeg