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Details on Pinpoll

The platform fit4internet uses Pinpoll and Pinpoll’s software solution to conduct surveys of platform visitors. These surveys are carried out pseudonymously - i.e. your name and other identifying features are replaced by a pseudonym, usually a code. When visiting the survey page or attempting to participate in the survey, an overlay is displayed. At this point, you can decide whether Pinpoll is allowed to set its cookie. Your consent is required if no Pinpoll cookie has yet been installed on your computer or if you participate in a Pinpoll survey for the first time. If you give your consent, the Pinpoll cookie will be set. If you do not give your consent, however, the Pinpoll cookie will not be set. The Pinpoll cookie is generated with an anonymous ID in order to prevent multiple voting.

In addition to the purpose of ensuring the survey functionality, we use Pinpoll for the analysis of platform visits. This analysis is carried out without registration or disclosure of personal data and is thus pseudonymised. In case personal data is voluntarily disclosed through surveys or forms, Pinpoll makes the generated data in combination with the voting behaviour available to us. Pinpoll transmits personal data collected by us merely in an anonymised form to third parties.