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Microsoft intensifies cooperation with fit4internet

The importance of digital skills in everyday life as well as at work is constantly increasing. As part of the development of its cloud region in Austria, Microsoft is also focusing on digital skills. Together with the association fit4internet, which was initiated by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs, free learning opportunities are offered to build up (basic) digital skills.

In October 2020, the first Microsoft cloud data center region in Austria was announced, focusing on innovation and growth. Four central aspects accompanied this decision: on the one hand the re-launch of Austria as a business location and the (up)skilling of the population, on the other hand sustainability in terms of energy consumption as well as trust in terms of security and data protection. It is particularly important for Austria’s labour market that Microsoft is ambitiously pursuing the goal of digitally training 120,000 Austrians over the next four years. After all, in today's increasing digital economy, people need to develop new skills in order to keep up on the job market. The crucial key to empowerment is teaching digital skills, especially to people most affected by job losses and those with lower incomes, women or underrepresented minorities.

"To achieve this goal, we have intensified our cooperation with the association fit4internet among other things. For example, key learning offerings for building basic digital skills have been assigned to the Digital Competence Framework for Austria - DigComp 2.2 AT, which are visible on the fit4internet platform. This makes it possible to see at a glance which competency areas are targeted and which competency level can be achieved by completing the course or by consuming the content. We consider this as an important contribution to the standardized development of digital skills in Austria," says Florian Slezak, Program Manager Cloud Region Microsoft Austria.

The matching path to the most wanted professional profiles

The following learning offerings of Microsoft are now also visible on the fit4internet platform:

  1. Short videos on digital literacy
  2. Modern online learning courses for on-demand* job profiles such as software developer, data analyst or graphic designer
  3. Technical cloud certifications at multiple proficiency levels such as Azure Fundamentals (Cloud Computing Fundamentals).

All offers are currently available free of charge; only the certification exams are subject to a regular contribution fee to the benefit of the provider. In addition, Microsoft courses from the local provider ETC - Enterprise Training Center GmbH are also listed on the fit4internet platform.

Ulrike Domany-Funtan, general secretary of fit4internet, is delighted: "Microsoft’s learning content is completely digital and can be consumed in a pandemic-compliant manner. Even the certifications can be passed under remote supervision within one's own four walls. In the course of the advancing digitalization it is becoming more and more obvious: for every working person it is important to ensure professional compatibility by being equipped with sufficient digital skills. By referencing Microsoft’s learning content to the Digital Competence Framework for Austria another valuable offer is provided to raise digital skills in a standardized way. We are very pleased to call Microsoft Austria as our partner, that is dedicated to these important tasks and is launching important (up)skilling initiatives for Austria."

Here you can find the learning opportunities.

* Job profiles that have been elicited as future-oriented and in demand in the digital sector based on an analysis by Microsoft and LinkedIn

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