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Petra Grell-Kunzinger

Zur Homepage von Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe in Österreich



Digital skills are important in the health sector. Only when staff and patients feel comfortable using digital solutions will they be willing to use them. Digital literacy is the foundation for this. It is also important to create usage-oriented, innovative offers that are seamlessly integrated and easy to use. Health professionals do not have time to deal with complex systems, because their focus is on caring for people. That is why Johanniter is also engaged in research in the fields of social welfare, health and care, as well as security and emergency management. Examples include the development of e-health systems, virtual reality systems for major emergencies, and digital twins of cities for emergency scenarios. Johanniter implements as many of these results as possible in its daily work, so that the benefits of the digital world can be used effectively for patients and employees alike.