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Digital Worlds

Our environment is digital and gets more digital every day:

  • Digital media and digital devices accompany us in everyday life and at work.
  • The majority of Austrians are online and use their smartphones permanently.
  • We communicate through various digital channels, both at work and in private life.
  • Internet research and video platforms are an essential part of further learning.

Digital skills are more important than ever. Moreover, they are the decisive success factor for growth and new jobs in Austria. With the videos in this section, fit4internet offers every Austrian the opportunity to enter "digital worlds" according to their interests and needs. Consequently, people get the chance to learn and experience basic as well as specialised digital skills:

Everyday life

Digital skills facilitate and enrich our everyday life. This applies to all areas of life, be it family and household, banking and shopping, health and sports, education, culture, music, travel or entertainment. The smartphone is a multifunctional device and therefore plays a central role: most people have it in their pocket, however, many do not know and do not use all its possibilities.

The video series "Smartphone-ABC" is an initiative of the former Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW) in cooperation with the association fit4internet. The implementation was supported by Emporia Telekom and Education Group. This film series offers simplified background information and step-by-step instructions for digital beginners who wish to better understand their smartphone and use it more safely. The video series consists of a first season with ten episodes on basic information and a second season with five episodes on further and more advanced topics.

“Smartphone ABC” learning videos, season 1: Basic Information

The brochure “Erste Schritte in die digitale Welt“ (pdf) (only available in German) offers an introduction to the topic.

The "Smartphone ABC" learning videos from series 1 (as of November 2020) are also available as transcripts in PDF format for reading (in German only).

"Smartphone ABC" learning videos, season 2: Further Topics

The brochure "Schritt für Schritt in die digitale Welt, Teil 2" (pdf) (only available in German) offers an introduction to the topics of this season.

The "Smartphone ABC" learning videos from series 2 (as of April 2021) are also available as transcripts in PDF format for reading (in German only).

Professional life

At work, everyone needs digital skills. They concern, for example, the use of work equipment, communication with colleagues, business partners or customers, the processing of information and data, but also the creation of new digital content, questions of safety and much more. Like a “digital common sense", these skills are needed regardless of industry, function or educational path. The video series "Digital World: Professional life" shows what this means for different occupations.

Watch the videos! They are constantly being updated (the videos are only available in German):