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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (a sub-area of computer science) is developing dynamically and can already be seen as a fixed part of our everyday life. With the CHECKs and the QUIZ, you have the chance to find out more about your digital skills on the subject of artificial intelligence (A.I.). All six competence areas categorised by the Digital Competence Framework for Austria (DigComp 2.2 AT) and ranging from competence levels 1 (foundation) to 5 (advanced) are covered here. The evaluation gives you insights into your digital strengths and identifies areas of improvement.

Choose between two CHECKs:

  • select the light version if the subject of digital skills is rather new to you.
  • select the advanced version if you believe you have a higher level of digital skills.

By the way:  Would you like to know in how far artificial intelligence (A.I.) influences our everyday lives and how it will affect our future? The online learning module "The Power of A.I." (in German only) provides insights on this topic. 

3 available f4i-tools

CHECK Artificial Intelligence - light

The CHECK Artificial Intelligence - light provides an insight into your everyday skills on the topic.
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CHECK Artificial Intelligence - advanced

The CHECK Artificial Intelligence - advanced provides an overview of your advanced skills on the topic.
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QUIZ Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence QUIZ gives you a current assessment of your knowledge on the topic.
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